2017 Tiger Lane/RV Waiting List
Remember: This form is only a WAITING LIST for NEW Tiger Lane/RV requests. Do not complete this form if you are simply renewing parking privileges from 2016 or trying to move your current Tiger Lane Assignment.
We will notify you via email only if you are successful, and we will only process payment at that time using the credit card information you provided here.
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NOTE: Students and Recent Graduate memberships do not qualify for Tiger Lane/RV privileges.
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If successful, do you want us to mail your Tiger Lane Pass to you? Select YES or NO. There is a $25 processing/shipping fee for this option.  
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We will send an email to verify that we received your Waiting List request. If you DO NOT receive a confirmation within 2 days please tell us via email: mail@highlandhundred.org.
  1. You must be a 2017 Highland Hundred member to get on the waiting list. If you are not a member, we will not process the request.
  2. Tiger Lane spaces are few and far between. Being on the waiting list does not guarantee a space. IF any become available, it will only be a single. Multiple spaces are not available.
  3. Preference is given to current Tiger Lane space holders. They will be given the opportunity to "move up" if the option is available before Waiting List requests are processed.
We do our best to accommodate our members and at the same time make it easier for us to keep up with all of the transactions we handle. Thank you for supporting the Memphis Tigers!